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 The Rules.

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Cheesecake Required-Admin
Cheesecake Required-Admin

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The Rules. Empty
PostSubject: The Rules.   The Rules. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2008 6:39 pm

1.You must be active on the discussion forum in order to get full membership privileges (ie Chat Site).
2. If you do not like honest, open opinions then this is not the forum for you.
3. Be Polite.
4. No Flaming, Bad Mouthing, Whinning, Crying, Complaining. (This includes members of other forums, or the forums themselves)
5. If you have a problem work it out with the person you have a problem with.
6. FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE - You will not be given access to the forum you are requesting if you do not have a filled out profile.
8. The Admin Likes.. I mean really likes Cheesecake.
9. This is your forums. you have an idea or suggestion Let the admin/mods KNOW!
10. Have fun.
11. Cheesecake *hint hint*
12. Please remember to use proper grammar.
13. Go in to your profiles and on the preferences tab Click Yes to allow newsletters from Admin.
14. We DO NOT ALLOW advertisments or spambots!!!!! If it is found out that this is what your account is intended for it will be BANNED & DELETED!!
15. The Familyofthefew@gmail.com email is only to be used to contact an Administrator. NOT FOR ANYTHING ELSE!!
16. If you are not who you say you are and we find out your account will be DELETED & BANNED!!
17. Any individual found distributing any private information I.E. Posts made in the Private sections of these forums, with out specific written consent of the poster will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law & will be BANNED from this forum!!!
18. If you receive either a PM or an email from either Admin , you need to respond back to it.
19. If you are going to be away from the board longer than a month please let us know in the leave request forum.
20. New members need to have 100 posts and 60 days of membership to be granted access to the Private Sections. All Members: In order to keep this access you must post at least once every 30 days in one of the main private sections ie wives or girlfriends/fiancees. If you lose your private access you must pm an Admin to get it reinstated.

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The Rules.
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