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 You and the Law: a Disclaimer.

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Cheesecake Required-Admin
Cheesecake Required-Admin

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You and the Law: a Disclaimer. Empty
PostSubject: You and the Law: a Disclaimer.   You and the Law: a Disclaimer. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2009 3:40 pm

Intent: This forum was designed as a safe and supportive environment for you, the Marine Wife or Girlfriend. A place with out ridicule biased or prejudice. Some place you could speak freely with out worries of what you say being taken wrong or out of context. With out concern of being stalked/insulted for your ideas and comments. A place you do not have to worry about sexual advances or comments.

The Law: With the every increasing occurrence on the internet of individuals portraying themselves as individuals of the opposite sex, partaking in events they did not partake in, claiming to be some one they are not, sexual stalking via the net. Many Internet Laws have been strengthened with very stiff penalties. With the ever increasing worry of sexual predators and deviants utilizing the internet to stalk their targets this is doubly true. Also as this forum follows the Guidelines and Direction of REF/A/MARADMIN/C4/221200Z AUG 01// Opsec rules and regulations of the United States Marine Corps.

Whats this mean to you?: Its very simple. I catch you in any form of disguise, misdirection, misinformation, lie's, or any other form of misleading information in order for you to join this forum, Your IP address, all information pertaining to that IP address and all information pertaining to your account will be forwarded to the local Internet Crime Division at the FBI. A formal complaint with all evidence will be forwarded to your Local IP address provider, If you are using your work computer to gain access to the net, This information will also be provided to your work.

If you have to lie, misdirect, like to pretend to be anything other then who or what you are, then you do not belong in this community. This is our Disclaimer and consider your self warned.

~World Domination, One Cheesecake at a time~
You and the Law: a Disclaimer. Nodrama-1
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You and the Law: a Disclaimer.
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